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Phyllis Harvey- Hall

Phyllis Harvey-Hall is an Alabama native, a reading specialist, a community activist, and an assessment coordinator.

Phyllis and her husband, Anthony Scotty Hall, grew up in Conecuh County and Coffee County, both rural counties in Alabama’s Second District.  Currently, they live in Montgomery, Alabama, with their daughter and granddaughter.  

Since 2015, Phyllis has actively supported and volunteered for community causes in which she believes. She has a small consulting business and has worked on several state and local campaigns.


Reading Specialist and Assessment Coordinator


Phyllis’s leadership and integrity always led to committed teamwork and successful job completion.

Phyllis earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Alabama State University and an Educational Specialist Degree from Auburn University at Montgomery. 

Phyllis taught public school students for over two decades, and during which she has improved the lives of countless students. Phyllis actively sought opportunities to serve her students and their families and her colleagues. 

She was her school’s representative for the local union where she advocated for her colleagues. She has been the educator voice on advisory panels advocating for children, and she was an active member of the budget committee advocating for fiscal responsibility. Each year, Phyllis’s students performed at or above proficiency. Later, as an Assessment Coordinator for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Phyllis traveled all over Alabama assessing students reading and math abilities. 

Community Activism

Phyllis has spoken at various school and church programs where she advocated for education, women, and families.  She has protested injustice on the streets of Washington, D.C., Montgomery, AL, and Dothan, AL. Phyllis is a fierce advocate for human rights, and she fights for those who have been overlooked and whose voices have been stifled.  


Phyllis and her family are members of True Divine Baptist Church.  Phyllis is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, Delta Kappa Gamma International Society for Key Women Educators, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), International Literacy Association, and the National Alumni Association, Inc. of Alabama State University.


Phyllis believes that we are only as strong as the weakest among us, and there is strength in unity.

SHE-Making History

In 2020, Phyllis was the Democratic nominee for Alabama’s Second Congressional District. Phyllis entered the race because she knew that the people of Alabama needed a representative who would be a champion of working-class women and poor people. It was a tough climb, but Phyllis was reminded that life isn’t always easy. She thought about all who had gone before and challenged the status quo, and she fought a great race. She lost the 2020 race. Now she persists…


With the urgings from many residents and influencers in Alabama’s Second Congressional District, Phyllis is entering the 2022 Midterm Election to challenge Representative Barry Moore.


"The Right Vote for Alabama"

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