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Why I'm running!

Alabama’s Second Congressional District covers the southeast portion of Alabama. Maxwell -Gunter Air Force Base and Fort Rucker are military installations that bring people from every state to this area. We are a diverse people living in rural and urban areas.

Just as the district is not a monolithic area, we are not a monolithic people. We have different lived experiences and different views. Yet, the current representative ran his last campaign on one premise, or should I say one person. He is still operating on half-truths. I am running to defeat Barry Moore and to be a representative who will stand up for the pledge to defend America, not a person. 

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I will represent all the people of the district. I will bring integrity, truth, and unity back to our state and country. I will break barriers and bread with the people, and I will build the bridges needed to connect our people and our communities. I will move Alabama into the future by collaborating with all officials to bring growth to our area. I will listen to the different voices, and we will move forward together. I am for unity. I am for the people. Join my team!


Meet Phyllis

Phyllis Harvey-Hall is an Alabama native, a reading specialist, a community activist, and an assessment coordinator.

Phyllis and her husband, Anthony Scotty Hall, grew up in Conecuh County and Coffee County, both rural counties in Alabama’s Second District.  Currently, they live in Montgomery, Alabama, with their daughter and granddaughter.  

Since 2015, Phyllis has actively supported and volunteered for community causes in which she believes. She has a small consulting business and has worked on several state and local campaigns.

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Surgeons in Operating Room


Americans shouldn’t have to pay exaggerated prices for health services nor should they have to overpay on their health insurance.


Empty Classroom

We must ensure that our public schools are funded and have the resources they need for our children.

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We must work to develop rural Alabama areas. We must support agriculture, workforce development, and broadband access in these areas.

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Alabama’s prisons are overcrowded and dangerous; and the horrific conditions have drawn national attention.



All Alabamians, regardless of where they live or who they love, have the right
to liberty and the opportunity to pursue their dreams in a safe environment.



Currently the federal minimum wage in Alabama is $7.25, and that is unnacceptable. We push for the immediate increase of minimum wage.

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Together We Will Build a

Better Future For Alabama!

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to Vote

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